20 April | Online

South East and East Asian nations face key decisions for their energy sector as they plan for carbon neutrality. Now is not the time for nations to be increasing their dependence on fossil gas.

The high level of risk that the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) market poses to fossil gas plant economics in Asia compared with lower cost and lower risk renewables should discourage nations from increasing their dependency on the commodity for future years. This is even before considering how misaligned any investment in new fossil gas infrastructure is with net zero emissions by 2050 pathways.

Accelerating the transition to renewables not only clearly aligns with the actions these countries should now be taking in their pursuit of net zero but can also provide the benefit of triggering the gradual shift away from LNG market exposure.

This webinar will include a presentation of Carbon Tracker’s latest analysis which explores the gas power landscapes of Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. This will be followed by a panel discussion with experts from the region, alongside a Q&A with the audience.

Confirmed speakers include:

    • Gahee Han, Researcher, Solutions for Our Climate
    • Jacqueline Tao, Analyst, Transition Zero
    • Yuna Chang, Country Manager, Korea, Influence Map
    • Durand D’souza, Data Scientist, Carbon Tracker
    • Moderator | Jonathan Sims, Senior Analyst, Carbon Tracker

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