BIEE Conference
Consumers at the heart of the energy system?
18-19 September | London

Our New Energy Strategist, Kingsmill Bond, is speaking at the British Insitute of Energy Economic’s biennial research conference. The conference seeks to understand the drivers of change in the energy industry and is attended by energy analysts, researchers, strategy and policy thinkers.

Kingsmill is speaking during the session New Technologies and Services at 09:20 on September 19. The session will look at the potential of new technologies and services such as EVs, storage technologies, heat pumps, smart technology and AI to change the energy industry. The participants will discuss the impact on consumers, major barriers to uptake, the business models and finance required to support these technologies and the role of policy and regulation.

Kingsmill will be speaking alongside:

  • Lawrence Orsini, Founder and CEO, LO3 Energy
  • Angie Boakes, General Manager, eMobility, Shell
  • Dr Jeff Hardy, Senior Research Fellow, Grantham Institute, Imperial College

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