The vast majority of investors agree that it is in their long term interests to limit climate change to 2°C or below but views are polarised on the question of how to achieve this. In 2015, 98% of investors supported shareholder resolutions at BP and Shell calling for enhanced disclosure of climate risks. Meanwhile, a growing number of investors representing more than $3tn of assets have committed to divestment of some fossil fuel companies. Which strategy is likely to prove the most effective, either at limiting climate change or yielding long term returns? Is engagement ‘Mission Impossible’ and doomed to failure?

On April 11, Anthony Hobley, Carbon Tracker’s CEO, will be debating the pros and cons of divestment with Mark Sainsbury, from the Sainsbury Charitable Trusts, as part of the Alastair Ross Goobey debate organised by Hermes Investment Management.

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