Pyotr Kurzin is an Events & Communications Officer having joined Carbon Tracker Initiative in early-2024. He focuses on refining and augmenting CTI’s message, devising effective communication strategies, monitoring its reputation, and engaging relevant stakeholders.

Passionate about the nexus of climate change and international policy, Pyotr worked at the World Bank, supporting a diverse array of climate area, including mitigation, adaptation, and security, diversifying strategies to promote WBG research via social media and make it more accessible to non-technical audiences, such as its flagship podcast.

Prior to that he worked at the International Crisis Group (ICG) as UN Assistant, facilitating and participating in briefings with member-state delegations. He contributed to ICGs advocacy during UN Security Council meetings, such as the ‘special session on Climate & Security’ hosted by the-then UK PM in 2021.

Pyotr obtained a B.Sc. (Joint Honours) in Population Sciences & Geography from the University of Southampton and an MA in Strategic Studies & International Economics (magna cum laude) the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced Studies (SAIS). He keeps abreast of current affairs via his own podcast interviewing policy and industry leaders.