Daylon Howell is a dedicated research professional with a passion for sustainability and environmental advocacy. He joined Carbon Tracker in 2023 as a Data Analyst for the Asset Retirement Obligations and Global Registry Programs.

Daylon’s holds a Master of Science in Sustainability Studies from Texas State University, as well as a Postgraduate Professional Certificate in Data Science and Business Analytics from the University of Texas.

Daylon brings to the team a diverse background encompassing social research, data science, business analytics, environmental science & management, and public administration. He previously served as the State Programs Reporting Coordinator at the Texas Water Development Board, a role that involved extensive data analysis and reporting on state financial assistance programs. He has additionally worked in city-level emergency management, and environmental policy advocacy and research. He chaired the Texas State University Environmental Service Committee, a student-led board that allocates funds to environmental improvement projects on campus, and sat on the Accessibility Coordination Team at TWDB assisting in setting accessibility standards across the agency.