Oil and gas operators are legally required to plug wells, but how much will it cost?

This tool allows the user to estimate the cost of plugging wells for selected states and companies. These estimates are based on well depth information from Enverus and Carbon Tracker’s cost estimation formula, which is based principally on the vertical depth of the wellbore.

You may select individual states, individual companies, or a combination of state and company.

Search results identify the number of wells returned and a plugging liability estimate for those wells. They also present well counts and liability estimates based on well status categories identified by Carbon Tracker.

P&A Well Cost

To generate estimated costs to P&A wells, select either a state, an operator, or a combination of the two. Well depth and ownership data was sourced from Enverus.

Error getting results
Wells Liability Estimate %
Injection + other
Temporarily Abandoned (LP>24<60)
Zombie (LP<60)

Certain combinations of entries may produce null values, given the availability of ownership and well-depth data, and are subject to change in future analyses. Data is updated through September 2020.

For additional information please see our ARO User Manual.

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