If operators do not plug wells, the state may need to do so. How much assurance can states call upon to pay to plug such wells?

This tool shows how much in financial assurance a state can call upon in the event that an operator fails to plug a well. This data is sourced from freedom of information act requests to states.

Search results show the estimated face value amount of plugging bonds held by a state as well as the face value of bonds held by individual entities within the state. At this time, users must search within each state for results.

For additional information please see our ARO User Manual.

Face Value of P&A Surety Bonds by State

To generate estimated bonding costs, select a state and then an operator. Data was sourced from State departments responsible for P&A bonding data.

Error getting results
State Face Value of P&A Bonds
Face Value of P&A Bonds

Certain combinations of entries produce null values, given the availability of data, and are subject to change in future analyses. Data was provided by each state from March through November 2020. 'No data available' indicates that we have yet to seek/obtain this data, or it has yet to be provided by the state.

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